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Mark Varley, 37, I started taking photographs at school in 1991, I started shooting more seriously in 2004, it's been my full time work since then.

I'm best known for fine-art figure, fine-art nude and bondage fetish photography, also working in commercial fine art and general stock and events photography.

Most of my photographs are available as prints in open editions, limited editions of 10 or unique editions (1 only). I am also available for commissions.

I have always strived to use my camera to capture the world the way I see it, in order to share my interpretation and vision or the world around us. Everyone always interprets every photograph in their own personal way which is why I started this photoblog, I encourage comments and feedback from everyone, these are my photos of the world as I see it, tell me how YOU see it.



Cameras by Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Zenit.
Custom Built PC for editing. Software: Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Lightroom, Irfanview.

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